Day 5: Epcot and Winter Summerland Golf


Tuesday 21 September 2021

Day 5: Epcot and Winter Summerland Golf

After the fun at Universal, in hindsight we should have probably have had a rest day. However, with fast passes for Epcot we headed there. Epcot is very different from the other parks. Very spread out. We got in after the longest bag check line ever and test track was at an hour wait. We headed to mission space where big man did the orange ride and the rest of us the green. I am a little annoyed I didn’t try orange as green was very tame. However, as I’m a bit claustrophobic and hate spinning I chickened out.

We had a fast pass for the little mermaid ride which was sweet and ended in an aquarium. We then headed to World Showcase. It was hotter than hot. We made it to Norway and decided to queue for Frozen Ever After. The downside with Epcot is that the moment you book one decent fast pass (Soarin, Test track or Frozen) you can’t get another. In hindsight test track would have been the best to go for as we didn’t end up on this ride and whilst Soarin is good it is no better than flight of passage or any of the mainy simulator rides at Universal. )

Anyway, the queue for Frozen was one of the dullest in Disney. Just curling around on each other. When we got near the front there was a fun bit in a Sauna which you would miss in the Fast Pass queue. The ride was lovely, so worth a wait if you have Frozen fans.

We then headed to Soarin. A lovely ride but as I said earlier, after the simulators at Universal and going on Flight of Passage as our first Disney ride it just didn’t compare. Other people’s feet are in the way!

We popped to an air conditioned area to have our lunch which was much needed. Then into Cool Club to try some drinks. The South African one was our favourite. Then my husband wanted to walk around world showcase. The kids and I weren’t keen due to the heat. We agreed to get the boat to Japan and walk back past the UK!

I am sure that we would have enjoyed this more if we weren’t so tired and hot. We did find a hidden Mickey though.

On the way out of the park we did a meet and greet with Pluto. My youngest can’t remember much about our visits to Disneyland Paris so it was lovely for him and made me realise that you are never too old to hug Pluto.

We called it a day and headed back to the villa to get some rest, via a quick game of crazy golf at the Winter Summerland course. If you have the Ultimate 14 day Disney ticket then a game a day before 4pm is included in your pass.

We enjoyed this and somehow I was the winner!

Tomorrow we have a day at the Magic Kingdom planned.

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