Day 13 Volcano Bay


Wednesday 29 September 2021

Day 13 Volcano Bay

We had left Volcano Bay to the end of the holiday for a few reasons. Firstly, people had told me it’s the best water park in Orlando so I didn’t want to do it first and then do Disney and be disappointed. Secondly, you have to pay $26 to park so I wanted to make sure we were up for a full day there. Thirdly, it sounded a bit of a faff, having to get a bus and tapu tapus.

We started with breakfast in ihop and my son upset he had ordered savoury pancakes when he thought he’s ordered chocolate. Life lesson to actually read the menu well and truly learned.

The bus to Volcano Bay was a faff, but not bad. The tapu tapu were easy. I had a love hate relationship with the park. It is great with really good slides. But it is massive. It’s not easy to find your way around or work out what slides you want. If the boys were older and we could just let them go, then it would be fine, but I was in a panic of where they were.

We mainly did the family raft rides. They were lots of fun. Some were ride now. Others we tapped into. The 10 min wait slides were the worst as you couldn’t really go off and do anything.

Around 1pm we clicked into the aqua coaster Krakatoa. This had a 2 hour wait. It was not a problem though as the boys spent an hour in the wave pool and then the same again in the fearless river.

The fearless river is lots of fun. It’s a rapids ride where everyone floats in their life jackets. The wave can be brutal though so beware if you don’t want water up your nose!

Krackaroa was fab, and worth the wait.

The plan was to leave Volcano Bay and then go to Universal to do RIP Ride Rockit before tea in city walk. Tiredness caught up with out youngest. This is where things become tricky. We knew he needed food, but to get to the villa would take at lease 45 mins at that time of day. He wouldn’t cope with a sit down meal. In the end we opted for Panda Express. It was lovely.

He had a second wind so my eldest and I ran on RIP Ride Rockit. I had to take my glasses off so couldn’t read the song selection! I ended up with Gloria Gaynor “I will survive.” We came off buzzing. It is now top of my coaster list. The music makes it. Once the first part is over you can sit back and relax. A real holiday highlight.

We then headed to Voodoo Doughnuts on the way out. The Mango Universal one is amazing! Here we decided that it would be Magic Kingdom in the morning and Universal at night for our last day.

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