Day 11: Hollywood Studios


Monday 27 September 2021

Day 11: Hollywood Studios

We decided that we would head in after lunch in order to see the Indiana Jones Stunt show. 3pm in Orlando is hot, hot hot. By the time we walked into the park and took a seat, my eldest was complaining he felt sick. We think it was just a combination of tiredness and heat as he did perk up, even if he didn’t watch any of the show! The rest of us however, enjoyed it. Just don’t leave it too late to get your seat, it was full.

We stopped to have pictures with Olaf before our first fast pass for Toy Story Mania. This is a fun ride. A shooting game where you are aiming at large screens. Lots of fun for everyone. Here we looked at Slinky Dog but the queue was long and earlier in the day we had managed to grab a fast pass for Tower of Terror so rather nervously we headed there.

We were a bit early so watched the muppets first. A nice little show and good to get out of the heat for a bit!

I should add here that no one really wanted to go on the Tower of Terror. Back when my eldest was 5, I made the mistake of telling my husband to take him on it at Disneyland Paris. I thought it was like the scarab bouncer at Legoland and he would love it. Well I was wrong. He was traumatised and said he would make me go on it when he was older than 10. The time had come.

I was scared, he was scared, the younger two were scared. My husband reassured me that I wouldn’t die. As it turns out, the one in Orlando is much tamer than that in Paris and we all worried for nothing.

Next up was rock n roller coaster. The younger two were concerned about going upside down. I was concerned about taking our bag on it when it goes upside down. I think we can see I enjoyed myself.

Whilst I was in the park I had managed to grab a fast pass for Star Tours so we then headed there. It was much better than I had remembered. We were happy, it was late and we started to head back.

Then little man piped up that he really wanted to do Slinky Dog. We ran over to get in the queue before it shut. Once you are in the queue then you are on the ride. As the fast passes stop, the queue goes down quicker so is worthwhile if the kids can stay up late. Even better, little man rode the front with me. It was great doing it in the dark and a much better ride than we had been expecting.

We had a fantastic time at Hollywood Studios and it was up there with Animal Kingdom for us.

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