Flight Of The Sky Lion At Legoland Windsor


Sunday 6 June 2021

Flight Of The Sky Lion At Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor have opened their new world this half term, known as Mythica. It consists of 2 new and 1 rebranded ride. Squid surfers is now known as Hydra. There are some drop towers called fire and ice frefall and the big draw is a flying theatre ride called flight of the sky lion.

I wouldn’t normally agree to wait such a long time for a ride (generally the queue ranged between 80-120 mins) but my boys are on the old side for Legoland and have been there many times so they wanted to wait for it as it was really something new they were looking to do.

You may have seen on Facebook (if you are in any Merlin groups) that people have been moaning about the lack of social distancing and the ride times at Legoland over half term. I’m afraid I have to say I agree. We knew and were prepared to wait for Sky Lion. However, all other rides had long queues too. When I say long I mean 45-80 minutes on average for most rides after midday. Even the advertised 15 mins for Mia’s riding adventure was actually around 45. Was social distance being adhered to? No. It was pretty disappointing to be honest and not like our trip last summer.

Anyway enough of the moaning and back to Mythica. If you are spending the whole day at Legoland, do not start with flight of the sky lion. The queue time will be 2 hrs and you are best off getting some of the other rides in early. By lunchtime the queue was around 90 minutes. Still long, but better. Unlike last year, there are barriers around the park not letting you enter the area until 10. Hotel guests will get there first.

Whilst we had the best part of an hour and three quarters wait for the ride, it really wasn’t as bad as I was bad expecting. In the outside queue line, you can scan a QR code in the Legoland app and it brings the Lego models to life through a magic portal.

Once inside it will take around 60 mins to get on the ride. However, there are screens explaining the story and introducing the characters as well as some Lego models. These all help pass the long queue time.

When it came to the loading bays, RAP had the first two rows. Then the normal queue had 5 rows on the day we went (one row was not being filled.) Groups were separated by 2 seats. Your number corresponds to your seat. We were on the top row of the ride. You have a little pre show and then sit down and strap yourself in. The ride starts and you are swung round to a massive screen and the experience starts.

If you have been to Walt Disney World then the ride is a cross between Soarin and flight of passage. The downside is that you can see the seats etc as in Soarin. The story is like flight of passage, in that you are flying around a mythical world. If you haven’t done anything like this before you will love it. It can make you feel a little motion sick, but it’s not too bad. My boys enjoyed it even though they had done flight of passage. They agreed that it wasn't quite as good. Another plus to the ride is that the queue line is undercover. As we went on a rainy day this was a bonus and kept us dry.

Overall we were impressed with the new Mythica area as a whole and flight of the sky lion is a fantastic addition to the park. Just be prepared for a long queue if you go at a peak time. 

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