Teen And Tweens

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Teen And Tweens

Looking over at my tween today, it hit me. My babies are all big. No longer am I a mum of three little boys that think I am amazing. I am now a mum of tweens and a teen who barely grunt at me to tell me what they want to eat. 

Things are changing and I need to find myself again. I am so thankful that I returned to work a few years ago, to give me something to focus on and to help pay for the food bills that are growing by the second. Do you know how much teenage boys can eat!?!

But it’s not all bad. So I thought I would write a list of things I enjoy with my ever growing boys.

  1. We are getting rid of all the toys. Apart from a handful of games and a few crafty bits for school projects, we are saying goodbye to the majority of toys that have been cluttering the house. Of course it is only me that is doing anything about this and it’s taking forever, but I will get there. The house is so much tidier and that makes me happy.
  2. You can watch better TV. The highlight of my evenings over the last lockdown was watching Superstore with the teen. I know, I know, you could argue that this isn’t “better TV” but trust me when you have had to watch Dan TDM on you tube for years and feel like he lived in your house it is better.
  3. You can go out later. My boys have always wanted to stay up late, but have always been hell the next day if that is the case. Slowly but surely this is getting better.
  4. You can do more fun things. I have done my time sitting in play parks and soft play. Now let’s do Stealth, Go ape and water parks.
  5. You can have some good conversations with them. My youngest has more understanding about world affairs than many adults. They also all have a great sense of humour.
So if you are a mum of toddlers, pulling your hair out and seeking some adult interaction, trust me it will pass. All too soon. It won’t get easier. It will just get different. But different can also be good.


  1. I love your list! I have an established tween now and one on the cusp and we are already enjoying some of these things. Being able to stay up later without repercussions the next day is definitely a bonus, although it is encroaching on our evening television viewing, we are having to stay up later and later to get through our grown up television shows!

  2. My girls are 18 & 13 now and as much as I moan about their teenage attitudes they are fab!
    It is amazing how much tidier the house looks when the toys start disappearing but does make it so much harder to buy for them for birthdays and Christmas. x