Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 7 February 2021

Meal Planning Monday

Back to meal planning this week in a hope to try and feel more organised. Since we hit lockdown 3, all I seem to do is think about what food to make and I have to admit it is getting me down. Work has been full on and I have hardly had time to homeschool let alone blog. My keto diet has become more low carb and the pounds have been starting to creep on. I will try and be good-ish for a couple of weeks, and then get back on it. The reason for the wait is that there are another 2 lockdown birthdays in the house and absolutely nothing today except make them revolve around food. We then have half term - hurrah! But yet again nothing to do. But baking is bound to creep in. Hopefully a years worth of hard work wont be undone in a couple of weeks.

So what will be on the menu for this week.

A Sunday Roast complete with keto Yorkshires.  - All the family like these and they are so easy, just whisk 16g arrowroot, 3 eggs and 120ml double cream. Lovely!

Smoked salmon with poached eggs - one of my favourites and so quick and simple.

Lamb meatloaf, on salad for me and in pittas for the rest of the family.

Peking duck salad.

Creamy mustard and sausage pasta - I will substitute the pasta for cauliflower.

Then things so a little downhill for middle mans 11th birthday where we have said that we will go for a takeout McDonalds, KFC and a Pizza Hut!

What have you got planned for this week?


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