Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Meal Planning Monday

Another week has flown past and I am trying to organise myself for the week ahead.

I took part in my first virtual event with Moonpig and I have some lovely cocktail recipes to share with you soon.

I think for ease, there will be a couple of meals out of the freezer and I have some more quick and easy meals to make from scratch too.

Salmon: I have a great cookbook called Keto Kitchen which is written by Monnie at Fats of life. She has a lovely recipe with where the salmon is baked in cream. I can hardly wait to make it again.

Sausage and mash

Scrambled egg and chorizo.  A favourite that we have often.

Ham, egg and chips. I like making this as any leftovers can be used in sandwiches.

Cauliflower cheese and bacon or chorizo. For this I steam the cauliflower so that it doesn't go soggy and then make a simple cream and cheddar sauce.

What have you got planned for the week ahead?



  1. The virtual event sounds like fun!
    We have a couple of meals out of the freezer this week too. Just because there was a few new things from Iceland that we want to try.
    Ham, egg and chips is such a simple meal but it's so good x

  2. I've gone for some super easy meals this week, even fajita mix already prepared as I'm just SO sick at the moment!

    Hope your week is a good one x

  3. We need easy meals and they still sound lovely. Love ham egg and chips we had it Friday night x