Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 27 September 2020

Meal Planning Monday

 Weeks are flying past at the moment and meal planning is becoming more important to keep me on track with my low carb lifestyle. I am not sure whether it is the weather or the fact that I am now happy with my BMI, but the lure of quick and easy carbs is tempting me more and more. 

I have recently bought Keto Kitchen by Monnie Palmer from Fats of Life which is fantastic for quick and tasty ideas. I shall be trying some of these recipes this week. 

So what have I got planned for this weeks meals?

Chicken and asparagus with balsamic drizzle. This is from the keto kitchen and using chicken drumsticks. It is a one pan meal which means less washing up.

Quick and easy Pho Bo: Again another one from keto kitchen, this is a spicy beef dish that I am hoping tastes as good as it looks in the photos.

Salmon and poached eggs minus the toast for me.

Fajitas - as they are quick and easy. I will have salad instead of wraps.

Roast chicken. Again another simple meal that the boys love. If there is any chicken left over it can be used in sandwiches.

What have you got planned this week? 


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