Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Meal Planning Monday

What a week last week was! Back to school for me and the kids and I hit the ground running. Mainly like a headless chicken. Anyone that thinks teachers have it easy has no idea. I am just hoping that over the next few months the social distancing measures work and that we stay in school. As work is full steam at the moment, and I want to get on top of things, meals will be quick and easy.  The boys have a karate zoom class as well so that will be a light meal.

So what is planned for next week?


Garlic and chilli prawns, but probably with courgetti as I'm still keeping the carbs low.

Scrambled egg and chorizo - nice and easy for when the boys have karate

Homemade burgers

Thai green curry

Chili Con Carne

Sausage and mash

What have you got planned for this weeks meals?



  1. I hope the weeks ahead go smoothly for us all! My daughter starts school on Tuesday. Eep!

  2. I know how hard our school have worked to get ready its huge. my children loved being back today and it worked very well. Your meals sound great x

  3. We've gone back to school today and I'm shattered already. lol Fingers crossed social distancing works and the kids stay in school.
    Great meal plan! x

  4. Love your meal plan. The chilli garlic prawns sound really nice!
    I hope you're having a less stressful week this week. x