Looking Back At Lockdown


Monday 31 August 2020

Looking Back At Lockdown

Tomorrow marks my return to school properly. I left in March thinking it would be a few weeks until I was back in properly. Little did I know that was not the case. Back in April, I wrote this post and just never got around to pressing publish. So as a way of remembering in years to come, here are 10 things I learned from lockdown.

1. I am a home body. It hasn’t bothered me as much as I thought it would that I am stuck within 4 walls most of the time. Infact, the only thing I am annoyed about is not being able to take my eldest to Thorpe Park and do the big five. But hey that time will come.

2. There are numerous times within a day when we could actually kill ourselves. The amount of times I've shouted, "be careful I don’t want to go to hospital!" is unreal.

3. A pet is a welcome distraction but I still don’t want one of my own. For the last couple of years we have looked after the science departments bearded dragon. Mainly as most people take a dislike to his choice of food. He is a rather elderly male who has lots of emotions. I have come to love him and now that I have accepted that he is quite old (he was a rescue dragon so no one really knows) I am less worried about him dying. When we first looked after him I was literally having sleepless nights over him. You see bearded dragons have various different behaviours and they always mean one of two things. Either they are happy and healthy or they are on deaths door. My endless googling in previous years has just lead me to believe he is probably Ol most of the time. But as no-one will chop up his vegetables or clean him out, then any pet we get needs to be one I want. Which means none.

4.It is fat or fit. Anyone that knows me, will know I am an all or nothing kind of girl. That’s why lockdown will go one of two ways. Either I will sit and binge watch The Tiger King whilst binging on Pringles and Dairy Milk or I will get fit. For my mental health I have currently chosen the later. I have downloaded Les Mills online and I am hoping the lockdown will continue for a while longer so that I might actually get a toned body. So far, however, it has proved to me that no matter how many times a week you do Body Pump, it is still really hard!

5. We are not a board game family. I kind of knew this already. But when you see everyone on Facebook virtually playing board games with Friends, you think you will try it again. Infact, I know, rather than a board game that will end in at least 2 people crying, we will go for something easier. Snap perhaps. Well only 1 person cried so I will take it as a win, but won’t be posting happy family pictures with board games any time soon.

6. Excuses. I make a lot of them. Especially when it comes to DIY. We haven’t painted the youngests room as we haven’t had time. So what excuse do I have now?

7. I like video calls. After working in telesales for many years I am not a phone person. Infact, the only people I ring are my parents and sister. However, recently I have been FaceTiming friends, and have started to wonder why on Earth I haven’t done this before.

8. Whilst I regard myself as a pretty good science teacher, the same does not extended to the teaching of my own children. I know nothing about the Tudors, have limited French skills despite an A grade at GCSE and have never had kids in my classes cry on a daily basis when we disagree about the work completed before.

9. Food. I’m obsessed with the stuff and can’t quite believe how much a hungry 12 year old can put away on a day and remain as skinny as a rake. Only ordering 80 items on a Tesco shop is not easy for a family of 5.

10. There is no one I would rather spend my lockdown with. Even if sometimes I don’t think they feel the same.

So that was back in April. Much of it still remains. It turns out that restrictions become somewhat tedious with no end in sight so I am less keen on the thought of going back into lockdown now.  I have managed to stay fit, and finally got round to painting the youngests room this weekend. Nothing like doing things last minute hey? Just like the government and their teacher guidelines. Now I just need to keep the bearded dragon alive for 1 more day......

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