Chessington With Social Distancing


Thursday 13 August 2020

Chessington With Social Distancing

After a positive day at Legoland Windsor at the beginning of the summer holidays, we prebooked tickets to Chessington World of Adventures the following week.

If you are MAP holders you need to prebook tickets in advance for £1 each. Beware that just because you can usually turn up when you want doesn’t mean you will even get a slot now. merlin have heavily restricted pass holder tickets. You might not get an £1 slot but there will be full price tickets available. Yes it is annoying when you have forked out hundreds in passes but unfortunately it is just how things are at the moment. Passholder tickets are often released at different times, so whilst it may look like they are all sold out, they can become available later.

We arrived at Chessington at around 9.30. There was already a queue for temperature checks but it was fast moving. A quick bag check, then prebooked tickets check and we were in.

Unfortunately I couldn’t convince middle man to try out Dragons Fury, so we headed to The Vampire. The queue hadn’t officially opened (although I think hotel guests were riding) and was back up by the Gruffalo When opened it moved quickly and we were on in about 20 minutes.

We then headed to Kobra. This wasn’t listed on the app which meant the queue was walk on. I knew this would be long later in the day so we went on this for the first time. Turns out that it is tamer than Mia’s Riding adventure at Legoland.

As it was was warm we headed to tiger rock for a 10 min wait. Here was the first tine that social distancing wasn’t great due to a group of teenage boys in front of us. There are clearly marked paw prints and lines in most queues and most of the time people did adhere to these. Rides were often being cleaned and there was lots of hand sanitizer. The only issue was it smelt of pickled onion monster munch!

We had a quick go on scorpion express before heading to monkey swingers. This was the only queue I felt uncomfortable in. It wound round, did not have clear distancing and was long. I did think of giving up but this would have meant a walking past a long queue so not ideal at all.

Tuk tuk turmoil was walk on so we did this a number of times.

The queues for the big rides were all getting long, so after a quick picnic we went round parts of the zoo and sea life. There was a one way system around parts which one idiot chose to ignore and then was rude to a family that challenged him.

All in all social distancing was ok but not as good as the previous week at Legoland. That said, both park’s are significantly less than usual capacity. Personally, I have felt safer in the parks than taking my children to a play park where no one seems to be social distancing.

Have you been to a theme park recently? How did you find it?

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