Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Meal Planning Mondays

Another week has flown by. Whilst the pubs and restaurants may be open, we will be waiting until the summer holidays to eat. Feeding a family of 5 in a restaurant costs a fortune! Especially as now the boys eat off the adult menu. This week I am trying to use up some bits from the freezer, and haven't actually bought much meat.So what is on this weeks meal plan?

Garlic Pork In Black Bean Sauce

We haven't had this for a while. One thing I have found is that it is worth paying more for a brand of black bean sauce you like. Tesco have changed theirs and it isn't as good anymore.

Sausage pasta

Salmon and veg

Prawns with courgetti instead of ciabatta

Roast chicken. I have to say I was a little disappointed with y large chicken as I don't think there will be any for leftovers the following day.

Friday will probably be an easy from the freezer meal. I have been freezing some low carb meals, and the boys with probably have kiev and chips.

What have you got planned? Will you be off to a restaurant now they are open?



  1. No we will wait for a while it costs us a fortune too maybe lunch out when the dust settles a bit. Great week of food. Sausage pasta is a really nice meal

  2. We're not rushing out to eat either.
    Fab meal plan.
    We noticed Tesco have changed their chow mein sauce so we're paying a little bit extra for the branded one. x

  3. I could just go for some sausage pasta now, sounds lovely!

    Hope you have a nice week & thanks for linking up x