Legoland Windsor With Social Distancing


Wednesday 29 July 2020

Legoland Windsor With Social Distancing

If you are wondering what it is like going to Legoland Windsor with the new social distancing measures, then here is my experience from the first week of the summer holidays. Please note that all tickets (including passholders) need pre booking and it is rumoured that they will be slowly upping the capacity over the summer.

Last week we headed to Legoland to see what it was like with the social distancing measures. As merlin Passholders we needed to prebook tickets for £1 each and did this a couple of weeks in advance.

We arrived early (9.30), mainly as I forgot it doesn’t take long to get to Windsor. We walked into the park, after having bags checked and temperatures taken and no queue.

Normally you are “held” at the hill or miniland and this is not the case at the moment. Whoop whoop! We headed down the hill to the Ninjago ride and got in the queue outside waiting for it to open. As 10 am the queue moved quickly.

Next we headed to Mia’s riding adventure. It was walk on and masks need to be worn and a gap between each group.

There are hand sanitisers everywhere which we used a lot.

Laser raiders, wasn’t showing as being open on the app but was a 5 min wait so we did this next before heading over to Pirate Falls. The queue here was longer and as we reached the front it was time for cleaning which took an additional 10 mins. Most other rides being cleaned were much quicker.

Another go on Mia’s riding adventure before we stopped and ate our picnic.

We then had a wander round miniland. I loved the Kennedy Space Center even more than before, now that I have actually been there.

My boys are way too big for Duplo Valley these days, but we had a quick look just to see what it was like. Unicorn vomit springs to mind.

All in all, we were really impressed. Queues had got long after lunch but no worse than a usual summer holiday. Not all rides are operating and neither are the shows. Not everyone seemed to appreciate this even though we are in a global pandemic.

Generally, social distancing was really good and it felt as safe as it could be in the current climate.

Have you visited a theme park since the restrictions have lifted? How did you find it?

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