Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 31 May 2020

Meal Planning Monday

So half term is over and it's back to working from home around the boys. Such an odd situation. However, after a week of them playing way too many computer games and not much routine, I am pleased that our days will now have a little more structure. I am also pleased that I have packed the tent away and wont be suggesting any backyard camping anytime soon! It took two attempts to sleep through but we did find out we have a very noisey hedgehog that visits.

So as for meals this week, I will just write down what we are planning to have and the day we have it depends on what I fancy eating and when the food goes out of date. Tuesday is my Birthday and I am going off plan with a Burger King. I have already gone off plan with cocktails delivered on Saturday. Wednesday it will be back to Keto properly.

So what is on this weeks meal plan?

Salmon and avocado with chilli and lime. Still a firm favourite and so easy to make.

Filled pasta and sauce. I will probably have swoodles with bolognase.

Cod and cheese sauce. I will serve mine with celeriac fries.

Chicken and chorizo skewers with salad

Sausage pasta with a creamy mustard sauce. I will probably serve mine with courgetti.

I also need to make some more keto crackers for lunch.

What have you got planned?


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