Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 9 February 2020

Meal Planning Monday

Another week has flown by and I am managing to stick to my low carb diet even though there was a blip at a friends wedding. Roast potatoes and red wine were enjoyed and lets face it, sometimes we have to enjoy life.

Last week I bought a celeriac for the first time and made my own fries. Game changer. It makes low carb so much easier.

This week sees middle man turn 10. I have some special Crunchie cupcakes planned for the day itself and he is desperate to visit Taco Bell for tea after we went there when we were in Orlando last year.

So what have we got planned this week?

I have been trying out the Schwartz cajun seasoning for an sponsored post and have made these rather yummy cajun chicken cups - recipe to come soon!

Low carb cajun chicken cups

Monday is karate night so it will be a quick omelette.

Tuesday will be a roast and with lots of green veg.

Wednesday will be a trip to Taco Bell and a birthday fry up!

Thursday I will give Coq au vin a go from the keto slow cooker and one pot meals book that I have bought recently. I have no idea id the boys will like this but I am loving the sound of it.

Friday will be steak and chips. Well for the others at least. I will be having celeriac fries.

What have you got planned?


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