Meal Planning Monday Week 3

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Meal Planning Monday Week 3

Last night we treated ourselves to a meal out. The time has finally come. Little man had the children's meal, but it is no longer enough for him. Life with 3 growing boys is about to become even more expensive! We are now looking at £100 for a meal out. More with starters and desserts. Meal planning is about to become more important, in a hope of saving some money so that we can treat them now and then.

Another area we need to save is school dinners. In a bid to make my life easier the boys have been having school dinners. This is costing around £7-8 a day for the three of them. Obviously, it does suit me for them to have them - especially on nights when they have karate and a small tea. However, they need to start taking in the odd packed lunch and I have asked the eldest to take some snacks in from home, rather than treat himself to a cookie every day. Fingers crossed that helps a bit!

So what are we eating this week?

Sunday Roast: I bought a large beef joint at Christmas and never got round to eating it. So I am hoping there will be some leftovers I can have for lunch too. Without a doubt it needs to have some Yorkshire puddings with it  - I love this recipe as they are so easy to make.

Prawns and Ciabatta: I made this a couple of weeks ago and it reminded my husband how much he liked it. So it is down again for this week.

Fish Pie: I make this using frozen fish pie mix and it is oh so easy. The youngest doesn't like it so he gets fish fingers and mash instead.

Chili con carne and baked potato: This is comfort food at it's best! Maybe with some added cheese on top.

KFC Chicken Fakeaway: Now I thought I had written up my version of this but it seems not. However, Slimming Eats has a version that is pretty similar.

Spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread: My family love this meal and it is a great way of using up half a packet of smoked bacon.

What have you got planned this week?



  1. Oh I love chilli with baked potato. We have three boys and agree its getting more and more money when we eat out too x

  2. Ooh I'm off to check out the KFC fakeaway recipe ! Love the sound of all of this week's food - I haven't made a fish pie for ages !

  3. Both of my girls eat adult meals when we eat out and it costs so much more now.
    Ahh! Yorkshire puddings are a must with roast beef. We finished the last of our beef from Christmas over the weekend.
    Great meal plan x

  4. Feeding kids is one thing that people overlook when thinking about having children I swear! It costs a fortune for me to feed Daisy with her allergens!

    I hope you can get the food spends down a little - have a great week x

  5. Prawns and Ciabatta sounds heavenly - I will definitely have to try this! Really lovely meal plan!

  6. Your meal plan sounds lovely apart from chilli with a jacket potato. I love both separately just not together. One of my weird food phobes!

  7. Lovely meal ideas for the week. We haven't had fish pie in ages, I think I will have to make one.