[AD] See The World Through Others' Eyes Review

Sunday, 17 November 2019

[AD] See The World Through Others' Eyes Review

If, like me, you have kids that love STEM then you may have found them asking for "See The World Through Others' Eyes" on their Christmas list.

 See The World Through Others' Eyes 

We have been sent the kit ourselves so you can see what it is all about. Below is a short video that we have made.

Basically it is a set of plastic glasses and a lot of different lenses that can be changed and combined (much as the optician) to see like a number of different animals. I should add that as I have a slight squint, I sometimes didn't see the same results as my children as for some of the animals it requires you to look through both lenses equally. Not a fault of the product, but worth bearing in mind if you have a child with a lazy eye.

Seeing the world like an elephant!

The booklet contains a grid with the lens combinations for a number of creatures. It also has a paragraph on each animal with facts about their site and some pictures to demonstrate what you should see. Here is a sort video of what is in the box.

My boys think this toy is aimed at the 6-8 category for anyone with a keen interest in science.

For more information on Brainstorm toys, please visit their website.

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