[AD] Bank Attack Review


Sunday 6 October 2019

[AD] Bank Attack Review

This week we have been testing out the new Bank Attack game from John Adams. Finding a game that suits all of my three boys (aged 7, 9 and 11) can be hard. Finding one I like too, even harder!

Bank Attack Game

I was immediately drawn to this game as it said it was fast paced and can be played in 5 minutes. For me, games that go on for hours are a big no. We just loose interest.

The concept is easy, but in practice it is harder than you think. The idea is that you work as a team to rob the bank. The safe containing gold gives you instructions to follow. Each person has a job, money man, lookout, hacker and explosives expert. The electronic bank tells you to pick up objects, pass and swop objects and use them. When it tells you to use them, you have to press your players button. This is the machine checking you are following the instructions carefully. It will tell you if you have made too many mistakes and the game will be over.

Playing Bank Attack

There are several levels but we have failed to make it past level one! You have to concentrate and it will start making noises to panic you that you are running out of time.

I really liked this game as it is short and fast paced. Bank Attack is for 2-4 villains aged 7+. It’s available to buy at Argos, Smyths, Amazon and The Entertainer, SRP £24.99.

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