[Ad] The Organised Mum Method Book Review


Thursday 5 September 2019

[Ad] The Organised Mum Method Book Review

When I was first offered The Organised Mum Method to review, I hadn't heard of Gemma Bray's successful blog but was in need of some help on getting on top of things. One of the hardest things I have found about being a Mum is keeping on top of the housework for 5 people. It regularly gets me down.

reading the organised Mum Method

At the beginning of the year I watched Marie Kondo's show on Netflix which helped lots with the decluttering. Turns out there wasn't a great deal of stuff in our house that sparked joy! I was therefore keen to see how Gemma's book could help me further.

Gemma developed her The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) when she first had children  12 years ago. TOMM is not rocket science but if things are getting out of control then it is definitely worth a read. The idea is that 30 minutes a day will keep your house in an acceptable (its ok if someone drops round) kind of cleanliness.

I have photocopied her levelled tasks so that they are clearly visible and that I and the children know what they need to do each day. I am very keen to get the children helping as it is important that they take some responsibility over their rooms and clothes.

Every day there are easy tasks that need to be competed. I love the fact that you should only do a load of washing if you can dry it and put it away. In the past I have often just kept loading the machine, leaving a great pile of clean clothes. Friday focus, is concentrating on deep cleaning the house in a certain area. Again a great idea.

Gemma recommends meal planning (which I already do) and has a number of slow cooker recipes to fall back on. We tried Jonny's Chorizo Chicken and it was lovely.

Jonny's Chorizo Chicken

I am looking forward to continuing with the TOMM and seeing if it makes a difference to the house and my happiness levels. So far it looks like it will.

You can purchase TOMM from Amazon and find her blog here.

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