Completing Our First Park Run


Monday 5 August 2019

Completing Our First Park Run

A few weeks ago we completed our first Park run. I am not a runner. I am more of a baking cakes kind of girl. However, back in May, to help with my sanity when my husband was on a work trip in half term, I embarked on couch to 5K with the boys.

My eldest is a runner. He has the body for it. Lean and fast. He completed his first Park Run back in April. My youngest much the same. Middle man has my genes. But he has been doing cross country at school and we saw it as a way for him to improve at this. He is the reason that I am running and makes it much more enjoyable most of the time.

If like me, you say you can't run, then I can tell you that you are wrong. It really is mind over matter and not caring what others think of you. Runners, are generally really friendly and it is actually quite nice meeting other runners when you are out as they will smile and say hi.

Our whole aim of doing the couch to 5k program was to work ourselves up to a park run. We have one right outside our door which is a real bonus at 9am on a Saturday.

We actually did our first park run a week early - As our week 9 run. Karate had been cancelled for the boys, so we went for it. I was worried that we would be last or worse not complete it.

Completing our first Park Run

We got there early to have our first timers talk. It was so refreshing to hear people that were excited that we had come and who most importantly said that it is a run, not a race.

As we ran around there were volunteers showing us the way and cheering us on. I needed the cheering. There are people of all ages. Some walking others practically sprinting. You finish get a place mark and then give them your barcode. This means they will email you later in the day with  your time. We managed our first run in just under 37 minutes.

Since then I have done 3 more. I managed 34 minutes when middle man was away, but it wasn't the same without him. Whilst I sometimes get annoyed with his pace, you can't help but love the way he is cheering others on. Telling them that they are doing a great job.

If you have been thinking of doing park run, but are worried, give it a go. It is so friendly and I am glad that I have started. I am still not a runner but maybe one day I might be.

Have you completed a park run yet?

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