A Pet Isn't For Christmas. Unless You Are Us.


Monday 19 August 2019

A Pet Isn't For Christmas. Unless You Are Us.

One thing I have learned this summer, is that no matter what, we are not getting any pets in the near future. Every now and then, the boys say how they want a hamster/guinea pig/rabbit/bearded dragon and I am the big bad one that always says no.

Why you ask?

I have 3 boys and a husband that works a lot. I have my work cut out doing everything as it is. The last thing I want is to add another thing for me to feed, clean and worry about.

My happy medium is to pet sit for friends. This way, the boys get to look after a pet without getting too bored of it.

They always seem to be happy with hamsters as they are easy to handle. I’m not so keen as they smell so need cleaning a lot. 

guinea pig and christmas cracker

We had a guinea pig over Christmas which again they liked, but looked terrified every time they touched it.

Lizards have generally been the easiest pets to look after. The main problem with them is their food. Our house sounds like a Caribbean resort with the sound of crickets. Even worse is when it continues after the pet has gone home! Weeks to come I am finding chirping crickets in my curtains!

bearded dragon

Big man has always been good in the past. He loves animals and loves to get them out. However, this holiday he has been worse than ever at cleaning the cage and preparing food on a daily basis.

So for now, our pets will be for Christmas. Oh and Easter, the summer holidays and half terms.

Do you have pets? Do your children look after them or if it all down to you?

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