Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks meal plan went well and I also made courgette and feta fritters which I will write up this week. I had forgotten how good they were! They are perfect for lunch in the nice weather we have been having.

This week it is my turn to make a cake for the works bake off. I still have no idea what to make, so if you have any great cake recipes - let me know!

So what have we got on our meal plan this week?

Monday: BLTs

Tuesday: Chicken and chorizo one pot

Wednesday: Quesadilla

Thursday: Pizza. (I am still perfecting a cauliflower base for me!)

Friday:Garlic pork

Saturday: Prawn curry.

Sunday: I am off out so something from the freezer for my husband and boys.

What are you eating this week. Oh and don't forget to tell me what kind of cake you like best!



  1. Replies
    1. Neither have I!? Think they will go on again soon as was lovely

  2. BLT's are my absolute fave!Definitly adding them to the meal plan next week!

  3. Ooh if you do manage a nice cauliflower base please do let me know! x

    1. Tested good but sticks to the foil.... more practice required

  4. I like the sound of the courgette and feta fritters. I will look out for that.
    Good luck with the cake!
    Great meal plan x

  5. BLT is something I would never have thought of making I do not know why.

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