Meal Planning Mondays


Sunday 30 June 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

can’t quite believe how we are hurtling towards the end of term and the summer holidays. Three weeks and counting for me. Three and a half for the boys. This week we have a busy first half of the week with karate and the dentist.

I have decided to follow a lower carb diet in a hope to lose a few pounds before we head to the states and I put them back on and probably more. I’m not cutting them out completely as I love overnight oats for breakfast.

However, I am trying to eat less bread, potatoes and pasta. Especially after 4pm. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and lost a couple of kilograms so am heading in the right direction. I have been replacing pasta with courgettes, rice with cauliflower and potatoes with butternut squash.

So what is on the cards for this week?

Sunday: Ham, Egg and chips (I will be trying butternut squash ones from Sainsbury’s.) We were meant to have this last week but I forgot to put it on before work and ended up with freezer surprise for tea.

Monday: Tacos. I will be having lettuce cups rather than the crispy shells

Tuesday: Scrambled egg and chorizo, but no bagel or toast for me.

Wednesday: Pizza. I am going to give a cauliflower crust a go. I will let you know my verdict!

Thursday: Lemon Chicken. This is a recipe I have never tried before but have been looking for inspiration from one of the many recipe books I own so again will give it a go.

Friday: Slow cooked chicken Korma. A favourite of all the family and I love a curry on a Friday night.

Saturday: Hoisin chicken skewers and salad.

What have you got planned this week?


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