Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 23 June 2019

Meal Planning Monday

As we hurtle towards the end of term, I can barely remember my own name let alone what we are eating each day. Luckily having it written down helps a lot! This week my eldest goes for tranisition at secondary school and that evening we have a meet the tutor evening. That means that both Monday and Wednesday need to be quick meals. I am hoping that a BBQ will be on the cards for the weekend as the weather should be looking up. So here is our plan for this week.

Monday: Cheats Croque Monsieur

Tuesday: Ham, egg and chips

Wednesday: Smoked salmon and poached eggs (Yes I am still addicted to this)

Thursday: Beef salad. Its a Jamie Oliver recipe with pesto and pine nuts and is really good.

Friday: Salmon and Vegetables

Saturday: BBQ food including prawn skewers

and maybe some pork and apple burgers

Sunday: Roast beef

What have you got planned?


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