[Ad] Completing Couch to 5K week 5 with the Soundcore Icon Mini


Thursday 27 June 2019

[Ad] Completing Couch to 5K week 5 with the Soundcore Icon Mini

When I said yes to reviewing the Souncore Icon Mini, I didn't really have running in mind. I had been planning on taking our flare speaker with us on our upcoming trip to Orlando. However, I like to pack light and the icon mini seemed just the right size. Much lighter, so easy to pack in the case but perfect to listen to by the pool in our villa.

When it arrived, excitement took over. I wanted to use it right away. Working it was so simple. Turned it on, located the bluetooth on my phone and played a downloaded spotify playlist. So I decided I would take it out on our couch to 5 k runs. We had completed week 4 and I knew that we needed music to keep us going. I hadn't expected what a difference this would make.

As I am running with my boys, I didn't want us all plugged in to our own devices. The icon mini enables us to run together and have music playing to focus us when the going gets tough. A distraction. Oh my how it has made a difference. This week for the first time in my life, I ran for 20 minutes without stopping! I may not look my best but who cares - I ran for 20 minutes!

I have still not caught the running bug yet, but the icon mini is making our runs more enjoyable. Well that and middle man claiming that "listen the birds are cheering us on too Mummy!"

What more can I say about the icon mini? It is lightweight, sounds good, easy to use and waterproof too. Have you done couch to 5K? What helped you make it through the 9 weeks?

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