Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

Well I have been missing in action recently. Work has been busy and we have been doing some home improvements. Unfortunately this has just led me to think we need to do more! I have written before about how I felt that I was living in strangers house and I have now realised that this extends to pretty much every room in the house. I have made do with the colours chosen by someone else and now is time to make changes. It may take some time. I will share my dressing table area soon as I am so happy to have a little section for me.

As for food this week, some simple meals are required just so I can get on top of things. 

Sunday: Roast beef and Yorkshire’s. Who doesn’t love a Yorkshire pudding?

Monday: Boys are off to karate so pizza and salad

Tuesday: Frittata

Wednesday: Chilli con carne

Thursday: Freezer surprise.  Basically something simple that can be heated up.

Friday: Salmon. I stocked up on this when it was nearly £2 cheaper at Easter. Wish I had bought more now! 

Saturday: Probably a curry using a Spicery kit. They are so good. 

What do you have planned this week?



  1. Oooh, yes, do love a Yorkshire. Sadly I am on Slimming World at the moment so will have to avert my eyes from your pic!

  2. Yes, Yorkshire puds are gorgeous when they look like that. Mine do not look like that. I once made toad in the hole and the kids claimed they didn't like the pastry. Not bothered much since then...
    All your meals sound really nice, and the frittata looks lovely.

  3. It sounds like the home improvements are going to be a big job but I'm sure it will be worth it.
    Ahh! You have to have a Yorkshire pudding on a roast dinner. They might actually be the best part.
    Fab meal plan x

  4. I do love Yorkshire pudding. We used to make a big one and put a minced beef chilli in it, but we haven't done that in ages. Good luck with the home improvements.

  5. Yorkshire puddings are amazing they are for sure something we do not have enough. Have you managed to try the Yorkshire pudding wraps which you can get everywhere. For sure you have a nice meal plan this week.

    Charlotte xx