Millers Ark Hands On Farm


Friday 19 April 2019

Millers Ark Hands On Farm


This Good Friday saw us visit Miller’s Ark farm, Hook, for the first time.

The farm is only open on selected dates so it is worth looking at their website.

We decided that we would have lunch at home and head down there for around 1.30 as the website advised that morning visitors will have usually left by then. This worked really well and whilst the farm was busy, it was not packed full like other lambing days we have been to.

Entry was £8 per person over 2. Usually, you can purchase feed for the goats at 50p, but they weren’t selling this as they had had too much food already!

The farm was small so ideal for small children. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable.

We started off by visiting the goats and then went to look at the chickens and ducks. The baby ducklings were only allowed to be held by adults. However. larger chickens and ducks were allowed to be held by the children.

There were a number of lambs and as well as being able to have a cuddle we also watched the staff bottle feed some of them. One lamb had to have a special slow flow teat as he would have drank his milk too quickly otherwise.

What made the farm different to others we have visited were the donkeys and pigs.

We were able to go in with the donkeys and brush them.

We also got to go in with these rather cute little piglets. They absolutely loved having their tummies rubbed. I had not realised how intelligent pigs were. Apparently the same as dogs.

We spent a couple of hours at Miller’s Ark and it was a lovely hands on experience

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