Easy To Make Easter Nest Cupcakes


Monday 15 April 2019

Easy To Make Easter Nest Cupcakes

With Easter round the corner and lots of schools on holiday, these easy to make Easter nest cupcakes will keep the children busy.

Easy To Make Easter Nest Cupcakes

Little man is my resident baker and loved making these cupcakes with me. We just used a plain cupcake recipe as we were topping them with so much chocolate. One or two of the cupcakes only had one egg in as Mummy may have tested one or two of the mini eggs before realising there weren't enough!

Easy To Make Easter Nest Cupcakes

Makes 10-12 cupcakes

For the cupcakes
  • 4oz butter or Stork
  • 4oz caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 oz self raising flour

For the frosting
  • 200g icing sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 1 bar of melted chocolate (100g)
  • 3 flakes cut into smaller chunks
  • 2 mini eggs per vake
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C. 
  2. Mix all the cake ingredients together. I find that it is easier if the butter is melted in the microwave first.
  3. Divide the mixture between 10-12 cupcake cases.
  4. Bake until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool before adding the frosting.
  5. To make the  frosting mix the icing sugar, butter, and melted chocolate together using an electric whisk. Pipe in a swirl on the cupcake
  6. Add 2 mini eggs to the center of the "nest" and then flake pieces around the outside.
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easy to make easter nest cupcakes with mini eggs

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