Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

We are on the countdown to the Easter holidays and I am quite frankly ready to eat the store of chocolate I have in for the boys. Life has been really busy the last few weeks and again it is another easy meal plan, where I am trying to use up some of the meat I have in the freezer.

For Mother's Day I opted for salmon as it is one of my favourite meals - you probably already know this as it pops up on my meal plans a lot!

So what about the rest of the week?

Sunday: Salmon

Monday: Scrambled egg and chorizo

Tuesday: Garlic pork in black bean sauce.

Wednesday: Smoked salmon and poached eggs

Thursday: Sausage pasta


Saturday: I subscribe to The Spicery and have chicken tikka masala to make this month. It sounds fantastic!



  1. Yum, best meal plan I have seen for some time! I love the salmon idea, the smoked salmon sounds so good. And that avocado and eggs would do me well too! I wish I could wake up and see these in front of me for dinner this week. Thanks so much for your recipe inspiration ideas.

  2. Ahh! We are ready for the Easter holidays too. hehehe
    All of your meals sound so good x

  3. We are ready for the break too!

    This menu sounds amazing this week!

  4. Tikka Masala sounds lovely! Thanks for linking up and hope you have a great week!