Meal Planning Mondays


Sunday 31 March 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

We are on the countdown to the Easter holidays and I am quite frankly ready to eat the store of chocolate I have in for the boys. Life has been really busy the last few weeks and again it is another easy meal plan, where I am trying to use up some of the meat I have in the freezer.

For Mother's Day I opted for salmon as it is one of my favourite meals - you probably already know this as it pops up on my meal plans a lot!

So what about the rest of the week?

Sunday: Salmon

Monday: Scrambled egg and chorizo

Tuesday: Garlic pork in black bean sauce.

Wednesday: Smoked salmon and poached eggs

Thursday: Sausage pasta


Saturday: I subscribe to The Spicery and have chicken tikka masala to make this month. It sounds fantastic!


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