Meal Planning Mondays


Sunday 17 March 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

My boy is home from his residential, complete with a suitcase of washing. He had a great time and loved the food - but was careful to say it wasn't quite as good as mine. He will do well in life.
Last week went by in a flash and I feel as though I am treading water at the moment and just about staying afloat. I am looking forward to the Easter holidays in a few weeks and a slightly slower pace.

This week, my main aim is to get organised. I am spending my day off, getting ahead with work. Meals this week are going to be easy and quick as I have to get on top of everything else. We will also be making use of some batch cooked meals later on in the week.

Sunday: Beef Fajitas

Monday: Cheese and ham quesadillas

Tuesday: Sausage casserole

Wednesday: Garlic pork in black bean sauce.

Thursday: Quiche Lorraine with tortilla crust

Friday: Slow cooked chicken Korma that we have frozen.

Saturday: I can't quite think that far ahead yet!

What meals have you got planned this week?


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