Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

I am back after an unexpected 2 week break! Not a holiday, just half term followed by a sickness bug for me and the kids. Still waiting to see if the remaining two members of the family are hit, but am crossing everything that it is all over.

Sunday: Salmon with potatoes and vegetables.

Monday: It is karate night so a quick easy dinner is required. We are still loving smoked salmon and poached eggs.

Tuesday: Sausage and mash.

Wednesday: Pancake day. Well clearly it isn't, but my husband is away on Tuesday and as it is one of the few meals he is good at cooking then we will have it now.

Thursday:Chicken en croute.

Friday:Sweet and sour chicken. I do a cheat style one with chicken nuggets and a jar of sauce. The boys like it and I figure it is cheaper than a takeaway.

Saturday: I need to try my new Spicery recipe. The boys will have slow cooked chicken Korma.

What have you got on this weeks meal plan?



  1. Oh no, so sorry you have been unwell. I hope it doesn't hit anyone else.
    All the salmon sounds so good! x

  2. Welcome back! Sorry you've been poorly and I hope you're all ok now!

    I love that you've moved pancake day to suit you - and why not! I'm already excited to have pancakes for my tea tonight!

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. oh no you have been ill as well, great week of food to come and great to do pancakes on wednesday xx

  4. Sounds like a tasty week! I love your idea of sweet & sour chicken.