Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

Well I hadn't seen the snow coming this week! I mean I know it was forcast, but I really didn't think we would have a snow day. Of course it meant that our Tesco delivery was cancelled and as we had run out of all fresh food, my other half had the fun of trying to get the food shop with loads of roads closed. Luckily, his cave man hunter instincts worked and he got our shop.

So what is on the menu for the coming week?

Sunday: pork with apple sauce and mash followed by plum upside down cake to use the plums up that I bought last week.

Monday Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday: Slow cooked ham, egg and chips

Wednesday: Chicken and ham pie using up any leftover ham from Tuesday.

Thursday: It is parents evening for me so the boys have microwave meals.

Friday: Chicken Korma

Saturday: It is middle man's birthday party so my husband and I will make do with something from the freezer whilst the boys eat their own weight in cocktail sausages and party rings.

What have you got planned for this week?



  1. Ahh! I thought they might cancel my Tesco delivery. The day I ordered it was the only day we had snow. It arrived though. Phew!
    We're having fajitas this week too. It's been ages since we had them.
    Happy birthday to your middle man. I hope he has a fab day xx

  2. i was wondering if i should change mine and hubby said no, we were lucky it did not snow too badly or he would have been sent out. though i think they kind of like it x

  3. I do love a nice chicken korma! Thanks for linking up x