Meal Planning Mondays


Sunday 27 January 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

Well we made it through another week with my husband away. The shopping bill is currently going through the roof though. I think I need a trip to Lidl to stock up on some meat and other bits to make the next few weeks a bit cheaper. I am taking on a few more hours at work which will inevitably mean more work in the evenings, so once again I need to be organised with my meal plans and remember that as the week continues the meals need to be easier. It appears that my husband is also addicted to smoked salmon with chili avocados and poached eggs as he has asked for it this week again! Luckily smoked salmon is on offer at Tesco this week so I bought a couple of packets.

So this is what we will be eating this week.

Sunday: Salmon with potatoes and vegetables.

Monday: Garlic, lemon and chilli prawns

Tuesday: Pork stuffed with spinach and pine nuts. Let's hope the boys won't turn their noses up at it!

Wednesday: Salmon and chilli avocados with poached eggs.

Thursday: Cheesy egg and bacon muffins

Friday: Lamb Dhansak which has been frozen from when I made a large batch a couple of weeks ago

Saturday: Sweet and sour chicken.

What do you have planned this week?


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