Meal Planning Mondays


Sunday 20 January 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

Well that week flashed by as usual. Last week was easy meals as my OH was working away and it is much of the same this week.I find that when I am by myself I can cook Monday and Tuesday and then exhaustion sets in and I need simple recipes for the rest of the week.

I have decided that I need to go though the cupboards as the cost of our weekly shop is ridiculous at the moment. Maybe a trip to Lidl and Costco is also on the cards.

Sunday: We are off to Skywalk Adventure which we won from Kids Days Out Reviews. I have found a batch cooked lasagne in the freezer which will be perfect to pop in the oven before my husband flies off to Ireland.

Monday: The boys have karate and we often have quesadillas. Having watched Tom Kerridge on TV the other night we will be making a tex mex chicken one.

Tuesday: Another Tom Kerridge idea of a sausage roll filled with veg too. If this works it will be a great way of getting the boys to eat their vegetables. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday: I am totally addicted to this chilli, avacado and smoked salmon dish. It is quick, easy and tastes fantastic. It was on last weeks meal plan and is going on this weeks again!

Thursday: Sausage and mash

Friday:Sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice - it is my cheats style fakeaway using chicken nuggets. Little man loves it!

Saturday: I have a curry to make from my Spicery subscription. The boys can have the left overs from the slow cooked chicken korma I made recently.

So that is the plan for this week, with the meals getting gradually easier as I get more tired. What have you got planned?


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