Signing Off For Christmas


Saturday 22 December 2018

Signing Off For Christmas

It’s that time of year again where I wish you all a Merry Christmas. This year has whizzed by so fast, I could do with a rewind button.

I have yet to get into the Christmas spirit, but I am hoping that will all change with a Christmas lunch today. My tree may be up, work may be finished but the magic isn't here just yet. A good friend reminded me that Christmas is about the people not the presents and he is right. I have been stressing what to get the boys and cursing the fact that they have just had their Birthdays. I have given all the presents they want (which are minimal anyway) to other family members to buy. Leaving me, their Mum, with pretty much nothing.

But do you know what? They don’t care. So why should I? I can safely say that we won’t be one of those families on Facebook with a pile of presents bigger than the tree. But that’s fine by me. Christmas will be making time for my boys. Board games, charades and some Christmas TV. Oh and they may be some bearded dragon cuddles thrown in too.

I am trying to let my control freak nature take a step to the side. Chilly the snowman adorns the tree this year, which fills little man with pride. (I just keep chanting "they will remember this for years to come and next year you can have your stylish angel back up - they are only little once.")

So for now, I am signing off. My phone can disappear for a while and the merriment commence. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year. now where is my mulled gin?

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