Anker Soundcore Flare Speaker Review

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Anker Soundcore Flare Speaker Review

We have recently be sent the Anker Soundscore Flare speaker to review, which I was interested in for my tween. There isn't much that excites him these days. He likes to play computer games and message his friends on his phone. Games are generally only thrown around his bedroom floor and the only toy he really plays with is his Rubik's cube.  He does, however, like listening to music, so I was keen to see if this would be good for him.

Anker Soundcore Flare Speaker

It is pretty easy to use. There is a charger in the box and we charged it straight away. We have yet to need to charge it again and the box states it will last  twelve hours. Connecting via Bluetooth is easy and when you play music through it, the base changes colour to the beat. 

The speaker is waterproof so for the purpose of the review I thought I should check this out. I was rather concerned about submerging the Flare into the water, but what is the point of reviewing something if you don't do it properly? So with a gulp, I put it into a sink of water and turned it around. It did go very quiet but continued to play. When taking out of the water it took a few seconds to get back to the starting volume, but I can thankfully say that it is indeed fully waterproof. Phew!

Anker Soundcore Flare Speaker under water

We are really pleased with the speaker and my 11 year old likes that he has one in his room. We have had to upgrade to family Spotify, but that means I can have my own playlist now too. If you are stuck for ideas for your tween this Christmas then you won't go wrong with this 360 portable and waterproof speaker.

Here is a little video to show you how it works in full.

What ideas do you have for tweens this Christmas?

The Christmas edition can be purchased for 30% off from Amazon using the discount code SCFLARE2 until 29th December! (That works out at only £48.99)

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  1. That is fantastic that it is waterproof. Good on you for testing it! I don't think I would have been brave enough. It sounds like a fab idea for a tween or teen. #TriedTested

  2. Love that you tested the waterproofing and made a mini video to show us the lights!

    1. Well at least I know if they drop it in a swimming pool it will survive!

  3. I love the idea of a waterproof speaker that I can take outside. We've had a family Spotify account for a couple of years now - since Father Christmas brought the big two bluetooth speakers for their room.