Meal Planning Monday

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Meal Planning Monday

I survived last week! Hooray! This week sees two birthdays in the house. My youngest will be 7 and my oldest 11. I would love to say that I don't look like I could have an 11 year old but I know I do!

Little man had a laser quest party on Friday which was pretty wild. I am hoping that a go karting party might be a little calmer.

But now for this weeks meal plan:

Saturday: Scrambled egg and chorizo. One of my all time favorite lunches with the creamiest scrambled eggs.

Sunday: It is little mans birthday so it is his choice of our cheats style sweet and sour chicken recipe.

Monday: A quick sandwich or wrap as the boys are off to karate.

Tuesday: Chili jacket potatoes

Wednesday: Creamy mustard and sausage pasta

Thursday: Pork steaks and apple sauce.

Friday: It is my now 10 year olds birthday. So he has chosen a birthday meal  at an all you can eat buffet. He will do his best to get value for money!

What do you have planned this week?



  1. Happy birthday to the kids!
    The scrambled eggs sounds so good.
    Great meal plan x

  2. This all sounds great! I've never had chorizo with scrambled eggs. Going to give that a try.
    Happy birthday to your small people. 🎂

  3. Happy birthday boys and what a lovely week, it is nice when the kids can choose what they want and good choices. Love the sound of the mustard and sausage pasta

  4. Ooh I love a nice all you can eat buffet! Hope you have a great week x