Making Life Easier With An Anker Portable Charger And Powerline.


Tuesday 6 November 2018

Making Life Easier With An Anker Portable Charger And Powerline.

It became clear when I reviewed the Eufy 11S Robovac, that I was in need of products to make my life easier. I need to be a more proactive at helping myself. I wasn't really sure that I could get excited over  the Anker portable charger and a Anker powerline cable that I was sent, but agreed to give them a try and see what I thought.

Anker battery pack and powerline

I guess there are two types of people in this world. My husband and I are polar opposites. The slight glance at the picture below, sends shivers down his spine.

5% battery screen

Yes, this is me on a regular basis. I am in the 5% or less battery gang.


Mainly as all the boys in the house steal my chargers to power their tablets and I don't know where they are! So now, thanks to Anker, I have my own. So why is it good?

I won't lie, I was sceptical over the £12.99 price tag to start with. I mean, why not buy a cheap one for half the price? Well I have done the latter before and it has been fine. The problem tends to be that they frey between the cord and the bit you stick into your phone. (Yes I am using technical language here!) With the Anker powerline this wont happen as it is reinforced with plastic.

anker powerline case

It also comes with a carry case. At first glance, I thought that this was it, however, it has two zips meaning that you can use it to adjust the cable and not have your wires getting in a mess. Clever!

The battery pack is also fantastic. As a blogger, I have no idea why I have never purchased one before. I have been at events in the past, worrying if my battery will make it through the day. Now it doesn't matter as I can have this fully charged in my handbag, ready to go when needed. It also comes with a mesh bag and charging lead so can be kept neat and tidy together.

Anker battery pack

So my question for you is simple. What products have you got that have made your life easier? What else do I need in my life?

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