Vegan Meringue

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Vegan Meringue

Todays post is a prime example of why you should watch The Great British Bake Off before attempting any of the technical challenges. I have to admit that vegan baking is not something I have ever really done. Well until now!

vegan meringue
Not a showstopper but it tasted good.

I decided that I would go for a vegan meringue as I was mainly intrigued on how you could actually make meringue without eggs. I went with the BBC Good Food recipe as it looked easy. It could have, however, done with adding a few more tips.

All you need is the drained water from a can of chickpeas and some sugar.


Not really.

I beat the chickpea water for what seemed like forever, and although it slightly thickened it wasn't anything like the consistency of egg whites that I would usually use. Lets just say I wasn't going to tip it over my head! I concluded (wrongly) that it was probably fine, so slowly added the sugar.

I baked the meringue in my failing oven and it didn't rise as I would have liked. It was also slightly over cooked. I now have a new oven so no more excuses for burning things.

The meringue may not have looked like I had imagined. But what did it taste like? Meringue! The boys gobbled it up and then I enjoyed telling them that it was made out of chickpea water.

Have you tried making Vegan meringue before? How long do you actually have to whisk it for?

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  1. I haven't made it yet but I would like to. One thing that puts me off is I know it takes absolutely ages to thicken and I don't have a stand mixer haha

  2. Mine turned out ok. I used a timer to make sure I whisk it as much as it needed. I think it's easier to whisk with a mixer if there isn't a quantity big enough for the stand mixer, but it works either way. Just have patience next time. I imagine your taste fab with the kiwis. x

    1. Yeah if I did double the amount it would have worked better with the electric mixer I think.

  3. This is what baking is all about...if things turned out perfectly each time it wouldn't be as satisfying as learning as we go along. Brilliant that you had a go and gave it a try. I have way more baking disasters than successes but I see it all as part of the fun these days. #gbbobloggers2018

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