Meal Planning Mondays

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Meal Planning Mondays

I missed meal planning last week as it was half term and I wasn't sure what we would do. This week it is being back to being organised as it is a busy week. I have the boys parents evenings over two days, a husband who may or may not be away one night and a training at work. Oh an Halloween on top. I have gone off Halloween now the boys are older. I used to love it, making gingerbread mummies and cupcakes.

We would keep trick or treating to a handful of houses and have fun dressing up and playing games.
Last year though we had moved and it seems everyone in the local area comes to our estate. There were groups of 10 kids a time. Kids wanting to take handfuls of sweets. It just wasn't nice. The boys wanted to trick or treat their friends but they were out themselves so it was just a bit rubbish. I have told my eldest that this is his last year as he is getting too big. He just wants the sweets!

Anyway, forget my moans about Halloween, what will we be eating this week?

Sunday: Salmon, potatoes and veg

Monday: Egg and bacon sandwiches

Tuesday: Chili and rice.

Wednesday: Cider and apple pork.

Thursday: Sausage and chips

Friday:Tomato tart

tomato tart

Saturday: Roast pork

What have you got planned?



  1. Fab meal plan. The Tomato tart looks delicious.
    We're on our half term here. Hooray x

  2. I must do more for my boys over haloween, will do next year. The cider and apple pork sounds lovely and chilli is perfect for these cold days

    1. If you start then they will expect it all the time!

  3. Cider and apple pork sounds delicious! As always, thanks for linking up. I'm so sorry I was slack this week. I've had a terrible bug and took a couple of days off to lie in bed and feel very sorry for myself.

    1. Oh bless you - I have been feeling rubbish myself. Hope you are now over it x