Meal Planning Monday


Sunday 7 October 2018

Meal Planning Monday

Another busy week, with time flashing by fast. How on earth can it be half term in two weeks? Last weeks meal plan went a little off plan and ended with my husband outing me as a fake when he didn't get toad in the hole on Monday night! Good news was that my lamb dhansak recipe works well in the slow cooker, so I will try it that way again as it is so easy. This week my husband is away quite a bit so I have bought some easy meals to help out. Just hoping my cooker doesn't break as it is starting to make some really bad noises and we need it replacing ASAP.

Monday: Roast chicken.

Tuesday: Sweet and sour chicken

Wednesday: Garlic pork as we never got round to eating it last week.

Thursday: Sausage and mash

Friday: Fajitas and nachos

Saturday: Roast pork.

Sunday: Cottage pie


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