Meal Planning Monday


Saturday 8 September 2018

Meal Planning Monday

This week saw the boys back to school and me back to work. Last weeks meal plan went slightly off course for two reasons. Firstly I didn't look at what I had taken out of the freezer. It was a surprise to me as well as the kids when we had beef stew rather than cottage pie! Secondly, I had forgotten how a full week at work would make me feel. (It has been well over 8 years that I have worked 5 days in a row - even if some of them were part time.) It was a shock to the system and when Friday was reached. There was no way I was cooking, so takeaway was purchased.

As this will be another busy week, I have tried to plan accordingly. And we will have cottage pie this time!

Monday: Quiche with tortilla crust.

Tuesday: Sausage and mash

Wednesday: Chili with jackets or rice

Thursday: Hoisin beef made in the slow cooker.

Friday: Cottage pie

Saturday: Microwave curry. The boys have a better social life than me, so we will eat in between taking them to parties!

Sunday: Lasagne and garlic bread

What have you got planned?


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