Meal Planning Mondays

Monday, 2 July 2018

Meal Planning Mondays

So I am still on my money saving meal plan this week. I am finding the hardest part is keeping the cost down when we need fresh fruit and vegetables. As I have cut down on other snacks in the house, they are munching their way through bags of apples, bananas and snack cucumbers. I guess I should be pleased, but it means that it is impossible to do just one food shop in a week.

Little man also seems to be getting fussier by the minute. He is now refusing to eat bacon or filled pasta. In this heat, I am not a Mummy who wants to cook a different meal for everyone.

My Friday night cheats sweet and sour chicken went down a treat so we will be having that again soon and I will be sharing it on the blog.

Last week  also had some easy to make hot and spicy kebabs that my husband and I enjoyed

Monday: Baguette with cheese and ham. It needs to be quick and simple as the boys are off to karate.

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas.

Wednesday: Filled pasta - with the plain boring stuff for little man!

Thursday: Freezer food - I need to sort out and run down our freezer so I will see what surprises it holds!

Friday: Chili jacket potatoes. I am shattered by Friday so a quick and easy meal is a must.

Saturday: Middle man has asked for salmon. I am going to be sharing my recipe for this soon, as since I have learnt how to cook salmon properly (aka not totally over cooking it) it has gone from a meal I wasn't fussed about to one I love.

Sunday: We have my FIL over so a BBQ is on the cards. We will be getting out the Stokes Sauces!

What have you got planned for this week?

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  1. Fresh fruit and veg is so expensive isn't it but I suppose we should be glad that our kids eat it. My girls are being really fussy too in this weather. Ugh!
    I love the sound of the salmon. I tend not to cook it because it always ends up under or over cooked.

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