Meal Planning Monday - Summer Hols Are Nearly Here.


Sunday 22 July 2018

Meal Planning Monday - Summer Hols Are Nearly Here.

Wow, the last few weeks have been so busy, I am certainly ready for the summer holidays. The boys will finally break up on Tuesday and I reckon our food bill will go through the roof! We also have a new house guest that requires some green beans and other veg.

This little fella has been scaring the life out of me over the weekend as he was a bit stressed out by the move here. However, his beard is no longer black so I am happy - and so is he!

Monday: Pasta with cheese and tomato and white wine vinegar. My friend made this for us when we were at uni and I haven't made it in ages. It is simple but really good.

Tuesday: Pork and apple burgers.

pork and apple burgers

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Lamb chops. My sister gave us a South African rub for these so we are giving them a go.

Friday: Hoisin Chicken salad. This weekend we went to a 40th BBQ with the most amazing chicken. It was marinated in hoisin sauce so I am giving it a go myself at the request of my boys.

Saturday: We are off to Drayton Manor, so will probably take a picnic and then stop off on the way home to eat.

Sunday: It is our 13th Wedding Anniversary! I think big man wants to cook us steak and chips.

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