18 Delicious Summers.....


Tuesday 24 July 2018

18 Delicious Summers.....

I am sat here with approximately 20 minutes before my boys finally break up for their summer holidays. Am I prepared? Ummmm no. I can guarantee that there is not nearly enough food in the fridge to keep them going for the whole of tomorrow as they descend on the kitchen like a plague of locusts with whines of "Where is all the food Mummy?" and cries of "He ate the last bagel!"

You have probably seen the 18 years of summers posts going around social media. I may have mumbled swear words under my breath when I first saw it, but the more I see it the more it annoys me. On many levels.

1. I don't need reminding that my kids are growing fast. I know that. Quite frankly I don't know how my eldest is old enough to be looking at secondary schools next year. However, I don't need to be made guilty for not enjoying them every minute of every day. I had lost it by 8.30 this morning when big man had forgotten to get a game for school and little man looked as though he was about to swim the channel with the sun cream he had applied. Three kids, predominately by myself for nearly 6 weeks is no walk in the park. The rest of the kitchen maybe bare, but I have endless supplies of coffee and wine to get me through.

2. Where did 18 summers come from? Have these people had teenagers? They wont even get out of bed before midday. And as for spending every moment with me when they are that age, I think we can say that is unrealistic. A summer of ferrying them round to various friends houses and activities seems much more accurate to me!

3. After 18, does it mean that you no longer see your parents? Whether mine like it or not, they get me visiting every summer with the grandkids in tow. And lets face it, I think they are grateful that I don't rock up for a full 6 weeks. Quality versus quantity and all that.

So 18 delicious summers isn't for me. Lets all try and get through this and hopefully make some memories along the way. There will be shouting and there will be tears. By the end of it I may be counting down the summers that I have to get through! May the holidays commence, but without the pressure that social media brings. Lets raise a glass to relaxed days, no routine and some boredom. Not everything has to be perfect. Which is good because I rarely am. Now I had better get a move on and pick up the boys before they think I have forgotten school ends early!

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