ROBLOX Toys Review,


Tuesday 26 June 2018

ROBLOX Toys Review,

There was excitement in the house when the postman delivered these character figures from ROBLOX last week.

I will be brutally honest, not from me, as I don't really get ROBLOX. It was, however, fantastic for my 6 and 8 year old. They are still young enough to play with characters like this and whilst they rarely play the computer game, they often watch Dan TDM play it.

Apparently the good thing about these figures is that you can mix and match them. They all come with little accessories and this makes them more exciting, according to my boys.

As an adult I am all for the larger packs as a way of saving some money. The Top ROBLOX Runway Model pack comes with 11 pieces, so you have loads of interchangeable accessories. The boys of course are all about the blind boxes. At around £4 each, they are a nice little treat. Here are the toys that were inside our blind boxes. The boys liked that they all came with an accessory.

Just to prove how excited the boys were, and how much You Tube they watch (check out the American accent for "figures") they have made a little unboxing video for you.

My boys have really enjoyed playing with them. They have made up their own games where they have to make different figures. They do find it tricky to pull off some of the parts so I have had to help out. If your children play the computer game, then they also get codes to redeem for a virtual item. If you have a ROBLOX fan, I am sure that they would be excited by these figures too.

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