Meal Planning Monday


Monday 4 June 2018

Meal Planning Monday

I can't quite believe we are half way through the year and only on the last half term before summer. How has that happened? Last week was half term which seemed quite short thanks to the bank holiday Monday. Little man spent most of my Birthday getting checked out at A and E after he had a rash covering his body which we believe is from his coming off his penicillin for an ear infection. Luckily it has gone down a lot now and hopefully he will be back to normal soon.

Meals this week are going to be simple. I am busy trying to decorate the spare room as well as look after the boys and work at the same time and it is pretty exhausting. Thank Tesco for their online delivery service! I bought in quite a lot of food over half term as the boys eat huge amounts so we need to eat up bits here and there.

Monday: Chicken, corn on the cob and wedges
Tuesday: Sauasages and mash with peas
Wednesday: Pepperoni Pizza and salad
Thursday: Scampi and chips
Friday: Is usually curry day but might be changed to quick and easy filled pasta day for this week.
Saturday: We have friends coming over for a BBQ so watch out for the rain!
Sunday: Can't think that far ahead yet - maybe lasagne

I also have a lot of ripe bananas so will be making some banana muffins - check out the recipe on Wednesday!

banana and chocolate chip muffins

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