Hot And Spicy BBQ Chicken And Chorizo Skewers


Wednesday 27 June 2018

Hot And Spicy BBQ Chicken And Chorizo Skewers

Summer is here, and it is time to enjoy a BBQ or two. How can you make your usual banger more special? Stokes sauces is the answer!

selection of stokes sauces by the BBQ

We have been sent a selection of the sauces to try and I am pleased to say that we really like them. Stokes is a family run business from Suffolk who focus on using the best ingredients to make the finest sauces. All the family enjoyed the ketchup, BBQ sauce and real mayonaisse. Whilst my husband and I enjoyed the kick from the hot and spicy BBQ sauce. Personally, I like the classic English mustard. For me, it is a cross between the brown french mustard with the heat of an English mustard. Just the thing to go with a good burger or steak.

burger with stokes sauces

I loved the sweetness of the maple and horseradish BBQ sauce and this really jazzed up my BBQ pork meatballs.

If you love BBQ's then why not tell Stokes why you love them by 15th July. They are giving away a Grillstream BBQ with 10 runners up prizes of gourmet BBQ charcoal and a personalised Cornishware mug. All winners will get a selection of Stokes sauces too! 

If you want a quick and easy BBQ recipe then this Hot and Spicy BBQ Chicken And Chorizo Skewers recipe is for you. Making skewers yourself will save money compared to buying them pre- made in the supermarket, and it is so simple.

Hot And Spicy BBQ Chicken And Chorizo Skewers

Hot And Spicy BBQ Chicken And Chorizo Skewers

  • 3-4 spoons of Stokes Hot and Spicy BBQ sauce
  • Diced chicken breasts
  • Chorizo ring
  1. Coat the diced chicken in the Stokes Hot and Spicy BBQ sauce and leave for a couple of hours.
  2. Thinly slice the chorizo ring.
  3. Alternate the chicken pieces and chorizo onto a skewer, making the skewers start and end with a piece of chicken.
  4. Cook on the BBQ until the meat is properly cooked through. Baste with extra BBQ sauce whilst cooking.

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easy to make hot and spicy BBQ chicken and chorizo skewers. Perfect for a barbecue

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