New Rubik's Games For Half Term Fun

Saturday, 26 May 2018

New Rubik's Games For Half Term Fun

We are big fans of Rubik's in this house. Big man is surgically attached to his 3x3 cube and is currently teaching me how to solve it. I was therefore exited to be offered 2 brand new games to review this half term: Rubik's Battle and Rubik's Flip.

Rubik's Battle is a card game. It claims to be a quick thinking brain teasing challenge that the whole family can enjoy.It is recommended for 2-6 players aged 7 and up. The rules take a bit of getting your head round. The cards are square and have squares on like the face of a 3x3 cube. They are green, white, orange, yellow, red and blue. The cards are dealt out and each player flips over their top card to reveal a pattern. If there are two patterns the same then the first player to shout "Rubik's Battle" collects all of the other players cards and that player is out of the game. The next two rules are slightly harder!

Rubik's flip

1. You can shout out a colour that is on your card but not on anyone elses. They would then collect all the cards in play.

2. You can shout out a colour that is not on your card but is on everyone elses. For example the bottom player in the picture above would shout blue.

If no player can call a colour you flip another card and all cards are collect on the next go.

We found that the fewer people playing, the easier the game is. The age rating is fair as my 6 year old struggled with understanding the rules. However, with a bit of practice he will be fine. We like to take a card game with us when we go on holiday, so this will be a good addition to our collection and is something different to the usual snap, uno and top trumps.

Rubik's Flip is a two player game, again aimed at age 7+ and would also make a good travel game as it comes in it's own small case. Again, once you have got your head around the rules, is a good little game. The objective of the game if to get 3 in a row in a locked position. (So that no pieces next to it can be flipped.) Each player has to flip a tile of the opponents before they can place their own tile. It is easy to make simple mistakes, allowing your opponent to win the game. One false move from me and big man (red) won this game!

Rubik's Flip

Both games are good for anyone that likes puzzles. I can see us playing Rubik's battle as a family, whilst Rubik's flip will be a game for me to enjoy playing with big man. Well maybe not if he keeps winning!

What Rubik's puzzles do you enjoy?

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  1. Ah - Ben would love this. He was so chuffed to get a Rubiks cube for his birthday last year.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. The first one looks complicated. I reckon n would like to try the second one #triedtested

  3. I love the look of these games. I think my girls would love them. I've never seen them before. #TriedTested