Living In A Stranger's House For A Year

Friday, 27 April 2018

Living In A Stranger's House For A Year

Over the Easter holidays, we celebrated a year of being in our new house. It seemed like it was never going to happen, what with Brexit slowing the market down and our sale falling though when we were on holiday. Thankfully, it all sorted itself out and we now have the space that a family of 5 needs. However, it dawned on me that for the last year, we have been living in a strangers house.

When we bought our house, the sellers weren't expecting such a quick sale. We managed to view when the advert said "coming to the market soon" and we offered straight away. Having already had a sale fall through we were well aware of what was in the area and this suited us best. The seller's however, had committed to having it painted. This was great as it was all stuff that we needed to do. The downside is that it wasn't the colours we would have chosen. Having said that, they are neutral and quite frankly I am not in a hurry to paint the entire house. The sellers also kindly left a lot of their furniture. Again, a real help. The problem is that if you already have a table, you don't rush to buy a new one. Not until, a year after you move in, you realise that you are living in a strangers house. Not your home. 

This realisation has really spurred me on. The British Heart Foundation has been to collect the sofas, mirrors and chest of drawers that were just not to our tastes. In a few weeks they will have a dining room table too. 

The living room needs it's final finishing touches and then I am happy that one room in the house is ours. This weekend I have been working on the conservatory. Decluttering the boys toys. Yet more bags to charity. Painting the walls white. Already the area is looking brighter. Here is a before photograph:

And now for the after:

I still need to take down some wall paper, paint the feature wall and skirting boards and buy a smaller but extending table. However, I feel that I have made a good start. My husband was reluctant at first, be he now realises that sometimes less is more. I know for one, that it will make cleaning easier!

We have booked in wardrobes to be fitted at the end of May and the excitement this brings means that I must be well and truly middle aged. This will free up a spare room which we can put a sofa bed and desk for little man in. I am so pleased to be getting rid of the room that we have named Narnia.

So after a weekend of sorting, I feel inspired. We are on the right track. We wont be living in a strangers house for much longer. We will be living in our own, decluttered home.

Now just to convince the boys to part with some more of their unplayed with toys......

Wish me luck!

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  1. You've made some fabulous changed, Louise! I really love your new seating area and yes to decluttering! I had no idea that the British Heart Foundation actually come out to collect unwanted furniture - I need their details asap! We have a few things that need collecting and would love a charity to make some money from them. xx